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Silver Package

What is the Silver Package?

Following Strategy session results, this package will:

  • Provide you with compelling and engaging social media posts, posted 2-3x/week, to two platforms of your choosing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any you prefer)

    • Posts will utilize 15-20 relevant hashtags to your brand and specific to the post​

    • Posts will utilize content supplied by you

  • Edit video segments (shared to me via Dropbox) for use on Social Media channels

  • Reputation Management (monitor brand mentions, replying to comments and likes, sending issues to customer service team)

    • 2-3 days per week, 2-3 times per day, up to 15 minutes each session​

  • Profile Management (friend requests, following back, deleting spam accounts)

  • Track Social Media Performance with Monthly check-in call

  • Text/WhatsApp availability (up to 24 hour response time) for questions and concerns

What is the cost?

Starting at $400 per month

**Paid Ad Campaigns (Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) are available for an additional $300 per month per platform plus the ad spend**

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