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Wonderful Experience at the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale!

I have to say that the grounds of the Fairmont are quite lovely and grand. There are more pools than I could find, a lagoon filled with ducks, a golf course (where you can see rabbits and partridges running amongst the brush), and so many rooms I would not even begin to guess at the number.

Ironwood Kitchen was great for both breakfast and lunch. Our breakfast was Avocado toast with prosciutto and an egg. The flavors were delightful and this was enough to fill us up, or would have been, had I known and not ordered a cinnamon bun. OMG! The cinnamon bun was huge! It is easily enough for 4 people to split, though I ate about 70% of it as no one else wanted any. I had the cream cheese frosting, but I think I would get the pecan caramel topping next time. For lunch, I had two appetizers, the broccoli soup (without the sriracha) and the chicken oysters (think adult chicken nuggets), and a wonderful glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Service was excellent for both meals, the waiter even remembered us from the day before and had our mugs ready to go (we were sitting outside and it was chilly, so we had them put some hot water in to warm them up before coffee/tea). We did not eat on the property for any of the other meals as we were hosting dinners for the conference we were attending.

The fitness center is pretty nice compared to most resorts. They had a good selection of cardio equipment, free weights, and machines (though the machines are older, they work great). It isn’t overly crowded with all of the equipment so you can do your thing and not feel like you are bumping in to people.

The valet staff and the front desk staff were excellent and kept everything running quite smoothly during our brief encounters. The grounds were decorated for the holidays and looked magnificent!

The biggest plus for me were the lobby dogs! They are absolutely adorable and goofballs. The two golden retrievers (Dalia and Gibbs) with their friend Bigsby (a yellow lab) are there during the day to greet everyone checking in and will plop down next to you if you are sitting in any of the chairs in the lobby area.

The one negative was that there were dirty dishes, and room service items, constantly around our room. We were staying in the Fairmont Gold section of the property, which is further away from the main part of the resort, but every day there were items left in the courtyard area. And, they were left there all day long, even when housekeeping staff were present. I really don’t understand how this type of a resort can do that. Also, if they are reading this, you should really instruct all of your staff to at least say “Hello” to guests as they are passing by. I find this to be a simple way to make guests feel welcome.

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