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Trattoria Il Solitario

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Italy is such a wonderful place to visit and the Isle of Capri did not disappoint. Some wonderful museums, good hiking, beautiful scenery, but the food was the highlight!

This lovely restaurant is in Anacapri, which is less busy than Capri (the city). It’s a little difficult to find, but totally worth it. The garden is where you want to eat! It’s covered by some very old trees and is fantastic when it is very hot outside. The food is fantastic and delicious, and we ordered way too much of it. The house made pasta (sciatelli, I think) was my favorite!

Our server was great! She gave us some great dinner recommendations for the other parts of the Amalfi coast that we were going to visit (and, of course, they were also great). Highly recommend this restaurant!!!

Check out the pictures below:


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