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Maison La Minervetta (Sorrento, Italy)

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

This hotel is absolutely amazing! It is only 12 rooms, which are all nicely appointed with lovely views (either of the water, beach, or city). The breakfast is delightful, except for the wasps (I saw one carry a piece of prosciutto away!), but the views certainly make up for it. All of the staff members are welcoming and accommodating, the have a small parking pad if you rent a car, and it’s a short/easy 20 minute walk to the heart of town. As a perk, you get to use the Delmonico Beach solarium!!! Delminco’s is a lovely restaurant that has chaise lounges at the end of their pier (the solarium). From your chaise, you get a beautiful view of the city and you can take a dip in the Tyrellean Sea...or just sit and have an Aperol Spritz...I may have done both. If you are planning to stay in Sorrento I highly recommend this place!

Looking down from our hotel to the pool and beach club.

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