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Why is social media important? And why do I need someone to manage it?

In 2020, it’s estimated that 3.5 billion people will use social media networks worldwide. That’s almost 40% of the globe’s population. With those kinds of figures, it’s no surprise that businesses put so much effort into social media marketing.

Social Media is an important part of the marketing plan for every business out there…even Social Media Marketing ones, like mine. Social plays a role in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), which allows your business to be discovered in Google and other search sites. Traditional Advertising is no longer the only game in town. I’m sure you’ve noticed how much engagement certain pages or influencers receive. Social Media can help your business by raising awareness of your brand and engaging with potential customers; it can also hurt your brand if your company is getting poor reviews and you don’t have someone to manage your reputation.

With Social Media, we have 3 goals in mind: Know, Like, and Trust. We want potential customers to get to KNOW your business. We want potential customers to LIKE your business. We want potential customers to TRUST your business. You, as the business owner, can perform all of these functions if you have the time to do so. BUT, if you have the time to do so, does that mean you are running a successful business??? The role of a Social Media Manager or Branding Agency or Digital Marketing Agency is to provide these functions to you, so you can focus on what matters most…your customers and your business!

How do we accomplish those 3 goals? One thing which I highly recommend to every business owner is to maintain a website in the form of a landing page and a blog associated with it. This will raise awareness of your company and services, allowing potential customers to get to KNOW you and your mission. You should make sure to keep your social media profile updated and maintain a constant presence for your business’s exposure. Remember, “out of sight, out of mind” is very true where social media sites are concerned. The idea is not only to use social media for engagement but also to drive users to your company’s business page, which will further educate users about your work and your services.

To get your customers to LIKE your business, you need to engage with them and create rapport. Create a connection with potential customers by engaging with followers, replying to comments, commenting on potential customer pages/profiles, and retweeting any brand mentions. You can share photos and videos via social media, keeping customers and potential customers updated as to your business’s current events and latest offerings. This helps in creating a strong bond with your customers, and in making them feel a connection with you and your business.

TRUST is huge in any business! Anyone who has been involved in business knows that a single negative comment can be more harmful than just about anything else. As has long been said, for every dissatisfied vocal customer, you lose ten customers or potential customers. Managing your online presence takes time, which is where Friendlee Social Media can help. We maintain your customer relationships online and make sure your reputation is not tarnished.

Social media is all about getting targeted people to join and interact with your business page or profile. It is important to follow common social media practices such as continuous sharing, breaking news, questions, humor.

Having a social media manager may seem like an unnecessary business expense, and for some businesses it certainly can be, depending on the size of your organization. If you choose to run your own social media accounts here are some best practices for setting up business profiles:

· Include your website URL, location and contact information

· Allow direct messaging to encourage instant engagement

· Completely fill out your profile, including your business “about” section, so people understand what drives your business, who you serve and what makes you different and better (your unique selling proposition)

· Use keywords and hashtags in your profiles to show up in searches

· Add high-quality photos that help tell your story and foster a sense of solidarity between your customers and your brand

· Add a call to action (CTA)

· Add products and services to your profile

· Use your logo for your profile image

· Study competitors’ profiles to identify ways you can make yours better

· Apply consistent branding between social platforms

· Strive for a professional, yet inviting, profile

· Make sure your company message comes across in all marketing materials

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