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Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita

I have to say, until going on this trip, I had NEVER wanted to travel to Mexico. I finally relented and am not sorry that I did. It was the first time I have been on a trip that I did not want to end (usually after 4 days I am ready to go home). My husband and I have traveled to many places, all around the world, but this was a great trip.

We arranged car service from the airport to the hotel (through the Four Seasons), our driver (Javier) was great. He was able to explain everything to us that we asked about. I’m very thankful for the comment about poisonous snakes (we did not do any hiking this time as we were not prepared for that). The location has several guard gates to go through before getting to the lobby. Even when walking to town from the resort there is a guard gate to make sure you are a guest of the resorts. We were given a tour of the property after checking in (thanks Alejandro) and taken to our room. We immediately changed and got into the pool, even though it was already 6pm at this point. Travelling from the west coast was great as we didn’t eat dinner most nights until 9pm and it gave us the entire day to do what we wanted (which was mostly, be in the pool). Dinner was great at both Aramara and Bahia (the 3rd restaurant was closed for renovations), and Aramara had live music the 2 nights we were there. It was a fantastic Cuban band!!! The Asian-Mexican fusion was really interesting and the Red Snapper was the best fish I have ever had.

The next morning we decided to do the Aquaforze class. Even though I was really hungover, the class was great! Guillermo and Alejandro were terrific instructors (2 different days) and made the difficult class fun. It was definitely tough to balance in the pool while doing different exercises, and I was a little sore the next day, which surprised me. The breakfast buffet at Ketsi was delicious! I stuck with the “Mexican” dishes and the pastries, all were outstanding, and the coffee was nice and hot. We also decided to walk into the town of Punta Mita from the resort. FYI, when you get to the traffic circle, you kinda go straight/which is a little to the right, not left, and you should pass the sales office on the right then the urgent care clinic on the left side of the street. That means you are going the correct direction. The town seems rather small, but if you go, Blue Shrimp (a Four Seasons spot-on recommendation) is the place to eat!!! They had some outstanding ceviche and octopus, the red snapper and yellowtail here was fantastic, but the portions are huge! This was a real bummer as we did not have anywhere to store leftovers.

Back at the resort, more people started to show up on Monday, but it was still not that crowded. You are not more than a few feet away from a drink or a server. The grounds are lovely, staff is friendly, and the views are amazing. We met some great guests (Hi Sid and Aiden) from San Francisco and had a wonderful chat with them, as we did with most of the guests we spoke to. It was truly the most relaxed I have ever been on vacation (and my family is from Hawaii). Even the airport was a breeze! We walked into the airport, got our ticket, and walked right through security. I can’t imagine in the busy season you could do that!

The only negative to this trip was the humidity. However, we were the ones that decided to go in early September, but even that wasn’t enough to dampen the trip. Though with the humidity came some amazing lightning shows…which were thankfully far enough away to not pose any danger to us. Even though our weather apps called for thunderstorms each day, it only rained one time and that was overnight.

All in all a fantastic trip that I’m sure we will never be able to duplicate, but we will certainly keep trying!

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