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American Airlines, a First Class experience

Yeah, I know, I’m reviewing a first-class experience, but hear me out. They are NOT all the same! American does a pretty great job in the first class cabin (take note, United). The flight attendants were joyful, clearly enjoyed their job, and were very attentive.

I give American Airlines extra points for the meal that was provided. I request Vegan meals as I cannot have dairy. Many of the domestic airlines, on their domestic legs, provide a very basic Vegan meal. I mean, we are talking about a salad with vegetables or grilled vegetables and rice, as I said, basic! Not so on American! As you can see from the picture, yes, there is a salad with vegetables, but there was also Ratatouille with Spelt and Corn Grits (I usually hate grits, but these were great, almost like a biscuit), a barley dish with cinnamon and raisins, a Vegan brownie (which was great), and a ciabatta dinner roll. This really was probably the best vegan meal I have had on a domestic flight (international is a different story, Air New Zealand wins there).

All in all, I thought this flight was well staffed and well run. Everyone seemed to do their jobs very well. I could not have asked for a better flight, well, maybe without the turbulence from the rain storms, but you can’t win them all. Thanks American!

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