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Grow and Engage

What is "Grow and Engage"?
This is managing your online reputation by engaging with your audience and trying to improve your online growth.  This is accomplished through a number of tactics including:
1.  Liking and Responding to comments on your posts
2.  Engaging with direct messages
3.  Following relevant accounts related to your brand
4.  Engaging with influencers for collaborations/promotions
5.  Removing negative comments (if possible)
What is the cost?
Starting at $400 per month
How often will you be engaging?
I will check your accounts 2 to 3 times per day (up to 15 minutes each session) for 5 days per week.  If there are any issues beyond my capacity, you will be alerted immediately.  All engagements will be professional and in the voice of your brand.
Why would I need this?
Your engagement rate is one of the metrics used by social media platforms to improve your organic growth.  If you are getting likes on your posts and engaging with your followers, your organic reach will improve and your likelihood of converting followers to customers will also improve.
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