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About Me


Changing times calls for adaptation and transformation

As I'm sure happened to many of you in 2020, the coronavirus brought about much change and uncertainty.  Having worked in the real estate and healthcare worlds, I know how social media can affect one's business.  One bad review, one low rating, can really make or break a company (No, that did not happen to me, just made me realize there is another path to help people).  This is why I decided to move into the social media marketing sector.


As technology continues to improve, so must we as a business owner.  The impact of social media is unlikely to change anytime soon (especially if quarantine becomes a regular occurrence) and I would like to help you, the business owner succeed in this realm.  You should be busy running your business, not responding to comments on Instagram.  I am here to help with that.  Proper social media management requires both parties to work together towards a common goal.  I am here to be your guide on that journey.

I have lived all over the country (Los Angeles, Tampa, Chicago, Norfolk, just to name a few) and finally landed in Milwaukee.  My background is in healthcare, having received my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, and real estate (licensed in California since 2016).  My training in social media management, content creation/marketing, and reputation management came from Social Media Pro and Content Marketing Masterclass, 2 high ranking organizations within the social media space.  I have 2 cats, Alex and Fig, and enjoy making funny videos, hiking all over the US (Utah is my favorite so far), and traveling the globe (New Zealand has been my favorite place to experience).

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